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Seen in Public, first glance (Cleveland, August 2016)
Seen in Public, first glance (Cleveland, August 2016)
Photographic Mural / 3M Envision Print Wrap Film
20ft x 30ft

Public Art Commission - The work is inspired by the act people-watching and transposes that experience, as near as possible, into a static artwork. The selected photographs inform a necessarily incomplete, open-ended, and biased synthesis of observed Clevelanders passing through public square as they go about their everyday activities. Just as in people-watching, I pickup on only the most notable external signifiers of who those depicted are via their appearance, apparent relationships, and activities. The mural represents a social image-text that must be read. The fragmented formal technique offers more information than a single photograph, which slows the reading while still withholding an authoritative singular narrative. Viewers participate by reenacting the interpretive processes of people-watching, using the juxtaposition and repetition of provided imagery as clues to develop their own estimations of identities and narratives. I hope to implicate viewers as actively constructing their view of others from influential social paradigms in which we all participate and shape over time.